Inform People When Energy is Cleaner

Sabreez delivers systemwide energy information in a clean, reliable, and easy to use
format. As markets switch to wind and solar, show people the Wind Number and
Solar Boost to increase customer engagement. Switching devices “on” when energy
is cleaner is a service that your customers will enjoy.

Our Clean Energy Factor, which is the sum of the Wind Number and the Solar Boost,
is available through our application programming interface (API), our free Daily
Clean Energy Forecast, and as a switch for adaptive loads that can be used to
automate clean energy consumption. When wind and solar are cranking up, the
Wind Number and Solar Boost send a positive message to consumers about your
product or service. Contact our integration team to get your customers using cleaner
energy today.

Wind Number
Solar Boost
Clean Energy Factor

Consumers Want Cleaner Energy

Integrate our API into your consumer-facing application to inform people about how
to use cleaner energy. Provide that little extra nudge to receive measurable results in
peak load reductions.

Our Daily Clean Energy Forecast is a constant reminder that clean energy costs less
in a format that people already follow- The Weather Report. Use our API Switch to
turn on people’s connected devices to cleaner energy.

Evaluate the results of your custom messaging system using green button connect.
Combine our Clean Energy Factor with a user’s smart meter data to add a social
dimension to your consumer engagement program.