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What’s Your Wind Number?

The Wind Number is a measure of the clean energy feeding into your home. It varies from hour to hour each day as the sun rises and sets. The higher the Wind Number, the cleaner the energy and the lower the cost. Haven’t signed up for a time of use rate tariff yet? Modern technology like the delay button on your appliances enables consumers to save money using cleaner energy. Knowing your Wind Number is the easiest, smartest way to save money using cleaner energy while reducing consumption of fossil fuels.

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California’s Energy Supply and Demand

17th November 2016

The amount of clean energy feeding California homes is incredible now, and it's growing rapidly each year.  California's hydroelectric...

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Using Natural Energy

3rd October 2016

Summer's Last Gasp-  Start of Duck Season The last week of September began with unusually hot weather and wrapped up with near record...

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Energy is Changing

1st September 2016

California is leading the United States away from fossil fuels and into a natural system of energy production from Wind and Solar. When...

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