Every Day is an Opportunity


Daily Clean Energy Forecast

Every day is an opportunity to harvest clean energy resources. In an increasing number of regions, when it’s sunny and windy the clean energy is on. Our licensees can use this powerful message to encourage load shifting with our Daily Clean Energy Forecast (DCEF).

Carbon pollution is a huge problem, but don’t tell people how contaminated their energy supply is; tell them how awesome the electric power supply is with the Wind Number and Solar Boost.

Sabreez publishes our DCEF here in real time and you can share this to add value to your product or service. Enterprise subscribers can get the DCEF delivered directly to your door at the crack of dawn each morning; it can then be programmed for automatic delivery to your customers as a reminder of your valuable service.

Add Value to Your Offering

Utilities, telecommunications companies, and smart home companies have a range of energy options for their customers. Many are offering reduced rates or other monetary benefits to encourage load shifting. The Wind Number and Solar Boost add a whole new offer of value to consumers.

The DCEF complements lower rates; when it’s sunny and windy wholesale prices drop and it’s a great time to use energy…and a great time to notify your customers. Tell people when energy is cleanest everyday, or at least on those days when the best hours for clean energy production are forecast. People appreciate the information, and it’s an opportunity to highlight products or services that can be deployed to harvest the resource.

Licensees of our API get the DCEF for free. Start building relationships with cleaner energy today; you’ll see the results in customer satisfaction, and can build enjoyment even further with our API switch and social engagement platform.